Time Frames For Roof Restoration Work

waterproof-roofAt some point or another, just about every homeowner will have to undertake a certain amount of roof restoration work. Based on the level of maintenance that has been provided to the roof, it may be that only a small degree of repair work will be required. In other cases, however, a complete restoration may be needed. Without individualized knowledge of the roof in question, it can be tough to offer an accurate estimate of how long this type of work may take. Certain tasks may only call for a day or less, while others may last for over a week. By sticking to a consistent roof cleaning regimen, homeowners can greatly lower their chances of requiring a full roof restoration. That is not to say that they can eliminate the risk of an accident or fallen tree, situations that may produce at least a week of solid work for a roof repair professional.

The process of cleaning a roof is one of the faster and simpler tasks for a roofing professional, particularly if the roof has received regular maintenance and is located in a relatively clean environment. The majority of roof cleaning jobs require just a few hours. When debris is eliminated from the surface of the roof, its tiles or shingles can do a better job of reflecting sunlight and providing insulation. Leaves and other blockages can be extracted from drainage pipes at the same time the roof is addressed. This type of cleaning can go a long way toward preventing larger issues from arising. Every homeowner who lacks a fear of heights would do well to take a closer look at their roof to determine whether a call to a cleaning specialist is in order.

It is often the case that small amounts of damage will occur to a roof’s surface that do require some attention, but are not serious enough to call for a complete restoration job. If a small branch punctures a section of shingles and results in a leak, a roofing professional can likely tackle the problem in less than a day. This is true of many minor roofing jobs. However, if broader portions of plywood, shingles and flashing need to be replaced, several days of work are likely going to be necessary.

Full restorations are typically prescribed in cases where a roof has sustained major damage, has reached the end of its life or needs to serve as a selling point for potential buyers of the home. In such situations, all of the roofing material will be removed and replaced with new versions, starting with the base plywood. For smaller homes, the job may only take a couple of days, but larger homes may demand upwards of a week’s worth of labor.


Get Your Roof Cleaned Regularly

Brearley_Cleaning_Modules_0A dirty roof is never good for a house. Getting your roof cleaned on a regular basis should be part of every homeowners regular maintenance routine. One of the biggest culprits for causing debris to pile up on a house is nearby trees or large shrubs. Even if there is not a tree directly overhead it is not uncommon for a bit of wind to deposit leaves and small branches on top of surround roofs. A professional cleaning can prevent damage and head off any serious damage.

There are numerous advantages to having a clean roof. First of all it will make the house look a lot nicer. Additionally, a roof that is free of moss, leaves, and other debris will not clog up the gutter system. Possibly the biggest benefit is that the cleaner a roof is, the better it will reflect sunlight away from the house.

As mentioned above a clean roof will make your house look nicer. For anyone looking to sell or rent out a house this is one simple way to really increase the curb appeal. It is a highly affordable way to make a big impact on the overall look of the home. A simple cleaning can make an old roof look practically brand new again.

bc33f250d1e547b71c69f55bbe8ff1df_4df18269cab3f_w400_h300_It is always recommended that you hire a professional to clean your roof. For any person not experienced in working on high places, going up on the roof can be dangerous. A fall from the height can cause serious injury or even death. When you are looking to bring in a professional be sure to ask them detailed questions about the services that they provide, the cost, and even what types of methods they employ.

Many people forget to get their roofs cleaned, much to their detriment. If it has been awhile since you have had this procedure performed on your house then you should contact a service today. You will be shocked by the difference a good cleaning can make in terms of how nice your house looks. Also the sooner you get your house cleaned, the less likely it will be that the debris on top can cause damage.

The Cost of Roof Repair


Roof restoration is something very important to all homeowners. It is a task that should be undertaken by all homeowners at some point or another, for the benefit of their home. It is our fervent hope that roof restoration would be a natural choice of the homeowner rather than a decision forced upon the homeowner by an unfortunate accident. Even though there may be plenty of roof restoration companies in the country and within your local area, selecting the best company should be done with the utmost care. The main factors to consider when choosing a roof restoration company would be the cost of the project, experience of the company and travel time to the location.

It is true that a concrete estimate cannot be given for a job that has not been fully inspected by a roofing expert, but a ballpark estimate could be given according to your requirements. Having an idea about the nature of roof restoration and the cost factor of it, will help you to select the best company to fulfill the task. You will also learn to identify any outrageous charges included in the estimate by having a clear idea about the basics of roof restoration.

The average cost for a roof restoration project will greatly depend on several factors such as the size of the roof, the difficulty of the job and the materials required for the project. It may sometimes depend on the crew who are performing the job also. You will not get one price that fits all roofs. This article will give you information on some numbers you can expect to see when you receive the official estimate.

There are some roofing companies that provide complete roof restoration for about $2500, but their work is not covered by any warranty. So, all the risks will be on your part. This is the lowest end of the barrel. If you can add another $300 to the above price, you can get the job done with a guarantee. At this sort of price, you cannot expect a quality job done by the restoration company. You should be careful in choosing such services as a roof restoration job should be of top quality to safeguard you and your loved ones.

An average-size home with thirty year shingles should expect a bill of around $4500 without a warranty. If you decide to use aluminum shingles, which are more expensive, you should expect around $11500 for the project. This will definitely depend on the size of the roof altogether.

As a general rule of the thumb, 30 year shingles will cost around $100 per square foot. This is only the expenses for the shingles, and the work and labor charges are not included here. This number can be helpful to create a rough estimate for the job.

Finding the Right Roofing Specialist for the Job

Roofing ExpertYou cannot over-estimate the value and importance of a quality roof. A roof isn’t a one-time investment, it’s life long. You have to care for your roof years and years after it has been built. The people you choose to handle such an important job should come with right qualifications and recommendations. It’s absurd to let just anyone have a whack at your roof. If you let the wrong guys up there, they could wind up doing more damage then good. A lazy specialist may cover up old work rather than doing the job right all the way through. That’s why it’s your job to find only the best, most qualified roofing specialists for the job.

The first thing you should look for when considering a roofing specialist is their licensing. You only want to hire contractors that have been officially licensed by the Building Services Authority(BSA). These are the guys who control the licensing of independent contractors and helps educate the consumer concerning their rights regarding insurance, as well as their responsibilities. It takes a license from the BSA to be a “real deal” contractor and roofing specialist.

You should follow trustworthy recommendations when you are searching for the right specialist. As a matter of fact, gathering recommendations is usually the best place to start your search. If you have friends or family members who have used a roofing contractor lately, ask them if they would recommend their guy? If he did a poor job, they surely wouldn’t recommend him for your services. Still, always follow recommendations with an online search. You can usually find out what other customers think about the contractors work as well.

Finding the right contractor and roofing specialist isn’t the most difficult task in the world. Get a few estimates from different companies that you are considering and compare the prices. This also helps weed out some of the bad ideas.